I have always wanted to be a designer, since well before I even knew it was an actual job. As a kid, I was constantly reinventing the shapes of the alphabet and spent nearly as much time arranging my toys on their shelves as I did playing with them. When a friend pointed out to me that her dad had ‘designed’ the bottle I was drinking from, I was sure I’d found my calling. It was the most exciting job I’d heard of. Now that fingerpainting has given way to photoshop, I am even more certain of it. My passion for creating has not waned. I have a curiosity conducive to experimentation & conceptual exploration. This has made me a versatile worker with a variety of interests, strengths and styles. My education in the idea program has enabled me to meet any project with creativity, intellect and the ability to balance aesthetics with function. When not glued to my computer, you can usually find me on some wilderness adventure or sketching out my next painting.